Since first grade, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I love putting words together and strive always to get better at the craft. For freelance professional writing credits, including journalism, go to my professional site. This page catalogs my published creative work:


“Zig Zag”, Two Hawks Quarterly, June 2018

“Big Deal,” Martian Lit, March 2013

“Warning Light”, The Stoneslide Corrective, February 2013

“Godzilla Man,” Metal Scratches, Issue 14, 2012

“Walking Distance”, The Stoneslide Corrective, July 2012

“The Last To Set It Free”, Crack the Spine, July 2012

“Kenmore Death Rattle” black heart magazine, July 2012.

“A Room Without Walls” Housefire Publishing, January 2012

“First Four Letters” 322 Review, Spring 2010

“Brief Candle” Mississippi Crow, September 2008

“The Fourth Horseman” Cezanne’s Carrot, June 2007

“Three Meetings with my Father” , The Quiet Feather, Spring 2007

“Rhapsody in Blue, The Easy Version” broadcast on BBC World Service radio, 2000

“Blue Mountain”, in Double Negative, Issue 17.

“Saveway”, published in Whirl, March 1994

“Immigration Jerry” published in Assorted Realities

“The Color of Leaves ”published in 256 Shades of Gray

“Sunday Morning:” published in children, churches, and daddies, volume 84

“Virtual Moby Dick:” co-authored with Paul Ford, Spanish translation by Oscar Aguilera published in Pares Cum Paribus, No. 2

“What Happens When The Prophet Talks” published in GRIST Online

“The Honeymoon” published in The Morpo Review, Vol. 2, Issue 3

“Chips” published in Assorted Realities magazine.

“Johnson” published in Panopticon.

“Rebound” published in children, churches, and daddies.


“Westbound PA Turnpike”, Gnarled Oak, July 2016

“Haircut at the Mall” Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review, May 2015

“In Lieu Of,” Apiary, December 2013

Hard Work,” “elevator,” “Bear at the Zoo”, Lyre Lyre, April 2013.

Haiku, inner art journal, September 2012

“Villanelle” and “Dealing for the Soul”, Lucid Rhythms, August 2012

“Cut and Paste” New Fraktur Arts Journal, Issue 4, summer 2012

“Function Keys” (sestina) and “Memory Drag” (villanelle), The Resurrectionist, June 2012.

“Desire Isolates” in Mad Swirl, May 2012

“The Young Bride” and “Glass Houses”, Lyre Lyre, Spring 2012

“Sonnet” The Sonneteer, February 2012

“Dionne’s Promise” Shaking Like a Mountain, December 2010

“Before the colors fall”, Willows Wept Review, Fall 2009

“Compline: night prayer,” Willows Wept Review, Fall 2009

“Armageddon Reruns,” “Up the Breakdown Express,” “hallucinating toothless man,” in Mad Swirl, 2009.

“The Landlord Next Door” (poem), Willows Wept Review, Sept. 2008 (online)

“Thanksgiving Wind” (poem), Willows Wept Review, Sept. 2008 (online)

“Mower in the Grass” (poem), Willows Wept Review, Sept. 2008 (online)

“Not Another Poem About Vermont”, juked.com May 2007

Two haiku, Idlewheel, Summer 2007

“America 2000, next generation” ZNET¬†Creative

“The Man Who Was a Stuckeys” in Stuck on Stuckeys

Three haiku: “cicada sunset”, “cookie dust sticky”, “lonely on a bench”, in Short Stuff, Vol. 1, Issue 2, June 2002.

“Three Poems: ”“Parade”,"“not a red wheelbarrow”,"“In Stream”," in Comfusion, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Fall 2001.

“For Once” in Refrigerator Corpse, No. 3, Spring 2001.

“Hit It” and assorted haiku" in Refrigerator Corpse, Summer 2000.

“Collective Flesh Pageant”, in Refrigerator Corpse, April 2000.

“Western Haiku, Keruoac Style” in Haiku 2000 site – http://www.nhi.clara.net/hk.htm, February 2000.

“Yesteryear” in 0411.78

“We Came, We Saw, We Conquered” published in 0411.78

“Repeating Myself” published in the bri-dge,November/December 1996

“Lunch At Work” published in the bri-dge, November/December 1996

“the unsaid” published in the bri-dge November/December 1996

“Up The Breakdown Express” published in the bri-dge ,November/December 1996

“Tilting” published in bri-dge, November/December 1996

“Pennsylvania One Act” published in General Eclectic

“Outside The Francis Harvey Green Library” published in General Eclectic

“Frontal Assault” published in Mad Poets Review

“Softballs and Baseballs,” published in The New Anvil and ZNET Creative

“Operation Comeback” published in GRIST Online

“At Little Bighorn” published in GRIST Online

“Song Cycle (lyrics for an un-composed concept album)” published in inter/face

“The Double” at published in Switched on Gutenberg, vol 4, no 1

“Loci”, published in The Open Scroll