I have had an active career as an indie editor and publisher.

If you don’t count the handmade books I concocted as a child, my first publishing experience came as an undergraduate at West Chester University, where I was editor of Daedalus, the campus literary magazine, under the sage guidance of Dr. Teddy West.

After grad school, I edited an underground zine called Sparks. Initially, it was a photocopied publication, distributed in small numbers. When I got on the Internet in the 1990’s, I took Sparks online, and you can still find back issues of the online version at the English Server (via the Wayback Machine).

Next came Turk’s Head Review, an online and print-on-demand literary magazine that started around 2002. It’s still going, but I’m on extended hiatus and am not reading submissions for the foreseeable future.

A few years ago I launched a DIY print-on-demand publishing venture called Spruce Alley Press. We’ve published some amazing looking books, poetry and classic lit.