In Lieu Of

The weariest word to describe–
a sense-fatigue
a fatness in the eyes.
One can only imagine.

Addled generations
can’t process,
thumbs over crotches,
hummingbird wings.

Blackberries and razors
The bees can’t make honey
Tiny makes make you small.
The world shrieks,

Think small, exist small.
What tiny places arise?
Little snots, dreaded zits
I need more slimming tea.

I’m fighting toilets now.
Prince plunger, Scarlet Coat-hanger,
Lumber jam cleared.
The bowl can’t handle it.

Mein schadenfreude mug
Pours foreclosures and fraud.
Nothing works as scripted,
In the bailout till,

I want blood in the sidewalks.
White noise, muffled laughs
Here’s what I want. Life.
Thin. Emily Dickinson. Family time.

Gutters that don’t leak.
Toilets that don’t clog.

Feet on damp grass.
I want a shore, a line and a rod.

I want to throw back
everything I catch.

First published in Apiary, December 2013