Welcome to my homestead on the web. My name is Jim Esch. I’m a writer, songwriter, publisher, and podcaster. I teach English and Creative Writing at a small college in the Philadelphia area.

This site is an excercise in simplicity. Flat files, no databases. Old school hand-coded internet with some scripting glue (via the REBOL language and embed codes) to make it stick.

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June 2018: Posted an audio track at soundcloud, a cover of a Bob Dylan folk song “Boots of Spanish Leather.”

June 2018: A new story of mine, “Zig Zag,” just got published at Two Hawks Quarterly. Actually, the story is anything but new. The story was submitted and rejected more than 30 times before Two Hawks gave it the nod. I’m grateful to them for believing in its potential.

June 2018: Building the site. It will take some time.