Welcome to my homestead on the web. My name is Jim Esch. I’m a writer, songwriter, publisher, and podcaster. I teach English and Creative Writing at a small college in the Philadelphia area.

This site is an exercise in simplicity. Flat files, no databases. Old school hand-coded internet with some scripting glue (via the REBOL language and embed codes) to make it stick.

What’s new

August 2018 updates

I’m busy preparing materials for my Fall undergraduate teaching.

I started adding my vinyl essence podcasts to soundcloud. Check the playlist to hear new and recent shows. You can still listen via podcast directories online and the wordpress and tumblr sites. One reason you might want to check it out at soundcloud is the fact that the audio is high quality, no compression.

July 2018 updates

I finished reading Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, all 2000 plus pages of it!

At last, I have finished the rough draft of Alt-Tab and am doing a thorough revision pass on it. I am seeking representation from literary agents.

Uploads to my soundcloud page keep happening. Lots of old cover songs and originals to post.

I’ve been putting a lot of books and music up for sale on ebay.

June 2018 updates

I’m nearing the end of the rough draft of my new novel, tentatively titled Alt-Tab. The end is in sight, and I just might get there by the end of the month.

I moved some equipment around in the home studio, and I think I have a better setup more conducive to laying tracks on our Tascam 2488 neo hard disk recorder. Ergonomics are much better. I am able to reach the buttons, now!

Our cat Boots died. After a graceful decline in old age, on Father’s day we noticed that he was having trouble standing and walking. Long story short, we had to put him down. He was 17 and was a happy guy until the end. We miss him terribly. I see him everywhere throughout the house, which now seems that much more empty. RIP old friend.

I’m building an archive of the old albums on cassette and CD produced by me and Stacy, including Stirfry and Beef Stew and Meet the Gods

I’ve been posting audio tracks at soundcloud, originals and covers. Expect to hear more, as I’ve gone Soundcloud pro and the uploads are unlimited. There’s a lot of old recordings to share….

A new story of mine, “Zig Zag,” just got published at Two Hawks Quarterly. Actually, the story is anything but new. The story was submitted and rejected more than 30 times before Two Hawks gave it the nod. I’m grateful to them for believing in its potential.